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We, NDT Engineering Co., Ltd., have always been with our customers,
starting as the only comprehensive manufacturer of automatic non-destructive testing equipment in Korea,
from manufacturing aviation and automobile parts to eco-friendly energy business.

We will create customer satisfaction through the best products and best services
based on our customer-oriented management policy and years of experience and know-how.

Established NDT Engineering Co., Ltd.
132 people
Non-destructive/automation engineers: 64
6 Place
Offices and Factories

Business Unit Introduction

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  • Aviation Division Images
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  • Automation Division


    Using the latest non-destructive techniques related to ultrasonic inspection, eddy current inspection, radiographic inspection, and magnetic particle inspection, customers who want to monitor the production process of products in the steel, automobile, and aerospace industries and to ensure the high quality of the final product We provide a comprehensive solution to your needs.

  • Aviation Division


    Based on the excellent quality process, we are running the processing business for aviation and automobile parts and the assembly business for aircraft parts. We realize zero-defect and zero-accident activities through the harmony of the latest CAD/CAM technology and skilled technicians.

  • Green Energy Division


    The eco-friendly energy business was started based on the love for nature and humans and the spirit of constant challenge for the future. Based on technology through long-term R&D activities, we are supplying industrial waste treatment systems and various high-efficiency energy devices.

Site view

Bongam Factory
Namsan Factory
Bongam Plant Panoramic Image
Panoramic image of Namsan factory